Gitzo GT2941LVL + GH1780QR OP=OP

Created from volcanic rock, Gitzo utilizes basalt to produce fibers for tripods of exceptional performance, stability, and durability. The crude material is pulverized, melted at 2732°F (1500°C), and spun into a strong fiber which is used to create multi-layer composite tubing. The result is a lightweight, vibration-absorbing tube of exceptional performance that meets and exceeds the demands of today’s professional photographers.

Basalt Composite Leg Tubes
Basalt composite is thermally non-conductive, stronger than aluminum alloy, but weighs 20% less
Leveling Column
Ideal for use with fluid heads for video applications, the leveling column provides up to 15° of tilt for simple, rapid setups
Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) System
The Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) system makes it quick and easy to open and close the tripod. Simply turn all of the locking rings at once, and the whole leg can be pulled out in seconds.
Leg Stops
Preset leg hinge stops allow the legs to be set individually at 24°, 55° and 90° angles
Spring-Loaded Retractable Hook
A spring-loaded retractable hook on the bottom of the center column provides a place to hang stabilizing counterweights

gt2941lvl detail 001 gt2941lvl








  • Advanced Leveling System with 2 spirit levels
  • Large Bubble sphere for smooth movement and accurate locking
  • Large locking knob with friction control
  • Separate Panoramic lock
  • Redesigned quick release system



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